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“How to use your Shampoo”

First, thoroughly saturate scalp and hair with water. Apply a small amount of shampoo (about the size of a pea) to palm and rub hands together to evenly distribute and activate enzymes. Now apply shampoo to scalp and with the balls of your fingers scrub your scalp thoroughly. The primary objective of shampooing is to clean your scalp, not wrestle your hair, so concentrate on massaging gently and allow suds to be distributed throughout hair while rinsing. Rinse your hair well then repeat again. It is very important to completely rinse all shampoo out of hair before applying conditioner.

“The right way to condition”

After rinsing shampoo, apply some conditioner in one hand and rub palms together to evenly distribute and activate enzymes. Apply conditioner from the middle of the hair shaft down to ends; do not massage conditioner onto scalp unless scalp is dry. Comb through hair to distribute product evenly. Leave conditioner on hair long to help smooth the cuticle—it only takes a few seconds. Rinse thoroughly - It’s important to rinse shampoo and conditioner from your scalp. Stand under the shower and gently lift hair to permit the water to reach the scalp. Hair will be thoroughly rinsed when it feels consistently clean as you run your fingers from scalp to ends. Always use a conditioner or leave in treatment to close the cuticle never only shampoo and leave hair to dry.

"To wash or not to wash?"

Shampooing frequency for normal hair depends on whether hair is curly or straight. Shampoo and condition straight hair every day for a sleek radiant look. Curly hair, however, becomes too fluffy if it’s washed too often, so it’s okay to shampoo and condition every other day.

"Should you occasionally switch shampoos?"

Goods Salon shampoos do not build up on hair; they continue to work effectively as long as you use them, so there’s no need to switch products. Choosing the right products for your hair - Fine or thin hair can sometimes be more delicate and could benefit from a protein enriched shampoo and conditioner formula with a light level of conditioner. Curly hair may look dry, and therefore can benefit from a regimen which includes moisturizing ingredients.

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Premenstrual Tension

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the name of a group of symptoms that usually start up to 14 days before your period (menstruation).
The symptoms can sometimes stop soon after your period begins.
Most women feel some mild discomfort before their periods.
But if you have PMS, you may feel so anxious, depressed or uncomfortable that you can't cope at home or at work.
Some of the symptoms of PMS are listed below. Your symptoms may be worse some months and better others.

Symptoms of PMS
    * Acne
    * Back pain
    * Bloated abdomen
    * Changes in appetite, including cravings for certain foods
    * Constipation
    * Diarrhoea
    * Crying spells
    * Depression
    * Fast heartbeat
    * Feeling irritable, tense or anxious
    * Feeling tired
    * Tension Headaches
    * Shoulder pain
    * Mentrual induced ulcers(abdominal pain in centre of diaghram area)
    * Hot flushes
    * Joint pain
    * Mood swings
    * Tender and swollen breasts
    * Trouble concentrating
    * Trouble sleeping
    * Swollen hands or feet
    * Wanting to be alone
    * Weight gain

Tips on controlling PMS
    * Eat complex carbohydrates (such as whole grain breads, pasta and cereals), fiber and protein. Cut back on sugar and fat.
    * Avoid salt for the last few days before your period to reduce bloating and fluid retention.
    * Cut back on caffeine to feel less tense and irritable and to ease breast soreness.
    * Cut out alcohol. Drinking it before your period can make you feel more depressed.
    * Try eating up to 6 small meals a day instead of 3 larger ones.
    * Get aerobic exercise. Work up to 30 minutes, 4 to 6 times a week.
    * Get plenty of sleep--about 8 hours a night.
    * Keep to a regular schedule of meals, bedtime and exercise.
    * Try to schedule stressful events for the week after your period.
  Drink: Clear is the key!
  Drinking clear fluids like water during PMS helps to flush your system of toxins and will aid some of the side effects like acne.
  By staying away from the sodas (yes...even diet soda!) during this time, you help your body rebound from PMS.

  Eat: Be careful what you eat.
  PMS cravings for sugar (chocolate) and salt are very common during this time of the month.
  However, sugar adds weight and salty foods can cause water retention.
  Find some healthy snacks at the health food store, some veggies, or stock up on ginger cookies (great for cramps!).
  Exercise: Everything hurts during PMS, but a little light exercise (walking  for example) will help with the tightening feelings from the cramps.
  Plus, the air and interaction will help you with mental symptoms such as mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

  Pain: When you first start to feel moody or cramp, don’t wait.
  Take a pain reliever or homeopathic remedies now.
  If you wait until you are in the middle of the PMS war zone, then you will have to take several doses to stop the effects.

  Planning: Planning is two fold. Learn to keep a discrete supply of feminine hygiene products and pain relievers around you.
  Make a habit of checking to see after each period if you need supplies for next month.
  This will give you plenty of time to purchase the products you need.

  Information: Get involved  read materials about PMS. Most women stop trying to learn about new methods of dealing PMS because they believe it just has to be a drama every month.
  It does not...and control of the effects of PMS is in your hands.

*NERVA 2: helps with the tension headaches and migraine
*FEMINON: helps with menstrual pain and tension
*CONGESTIVO: help with congestive headaches, irritability and tension
*CORP: help with sluggush digestion during pms which cause weight gain
*PEIN: helps relieve pain symptoms associated with pms
*UTERO: assists in supporting the function of the female reproductive system of menstrual cycle irregularities
 including heavy flow, painful menstruation, infections and inflammation.

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If you have a pair of beautiful and healthy eyes then you must maintain this precious gift. To keep your eyes problem free you have to maintain the following things:


  • If you work with a computer wash your eyes every one hour with fresh water
  • After returning home always wash your eyes with fresh and cool water
  • Wear sunglasses when going outside
  • Wear safety glasses if working around dust
  • Carrots, spinach and broccolis are good for your therefore try to include them in your meals
  • Sleeping for atleast 7 hours is essential for not only your body but your eyes
  • Go for regurlar eye check ups.

Skin around your eyes are very thin and easily get affected and as a result we get dark circle, bags, crow’s feet and several other disorders. However, you can go for certain home remedies to remove dark circles and bags from your eyes. Just have a look:

  • Take two cotton balls and soak in ice-cold milk and place on closed eyes for 10 minutes. Now relax completely. Now place these balls on your closed eyes. After ten minutes take out the balls and wash your eyes with cold water.
  • Alternatively purchase EYE SLICES a hydrogel pad in a convenient case to be kept in the fridge ready for use when needed on special for R80


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CombDon't bring out the brush too soon when blowdrying hair, separate tangles with fingers or a comb until hair is about 80 percent dry then try brushing. you want to make sure your fingers glide through hair effortlessly before introducing a brush to wet or even damp hair.

Hair is very delicate when wet brushing it wil cause breakage. Shampoo combs available at IMAGE EXPLOSION for R30

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